Sunday, January 14, 2007

Another Test Passed

Ivan Jackson, a recent solo pilot in the Jabiru completed his flight test and hour requirements for the issue of his RAAus pilots certificate on Sunday 14th January. Congratulations Ivan and well done. Ivan will now be moving on to his cross country and navigation training.

T31 Re-Rigged After Re-Paint

The T31 (which was the club's first glider) was rigged at Horsham last weekend after being repainted by Jo Luciani. This was a job for performed by members of the Vintage Glider Association. The whole operation went very well, there was only a bit of blue language coming from the mouths of these elder statesmen of the gliding community. Max hope to use the T31 for publicity purposes before it is de-rigged and shipped off to the Gliding Museum.

Pictured are Max Hedt in the centre, John Ashford to his right and Allan Patching to his right. They are all smiles now, but earlier the language! More pictures of the T31 can be found in the Photo Gallery of the club's web page.