Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tow out gear for the Twin Astir

Finally after almost 30 years of service IUM, the Twin Astir has it's own set of tow out gear. We now have a tail dolly, wing walker and tow bar for the 'Twin'. All that walking the wing finally got to people and Max Hedt and Joe Luciani have put together a system which is practical and doesn't require 'old blokes' to walk a mile in the sun to get to the launch point. Here's a picture of the tail dolly on the Twin.

So things are being made easy for everyone and now we have no excuses for not getting the gliders out and going flying.

Gliders on track. Max has been working on the railway

Max Hedt has been busy working on a new track system to move the Janus and the Twin Astir in and out of the tug hangar (which is now the glider hangar and the old glider hanger is now full of power planes and the tug, so is now the tug hangar). Each glider will have it's own 'trolly car' and run in and out of the hangar on a track to a set point both inside and outside the hangar.

This system will allow one person to get a glider in and out of the hangar. The Pegase will still move in and out on it's existing free wheeling trolly. The system is not quite complete. Max is finishing off the 'trolly car' and tracks for the Janus. The tracks are made up of tube on a flat plate nailed to the ground. The 'trolly car' has a jack to life the glider up and down. Both gliders run easily along the track with only a minimum amount of push or pull required. The short video below demonstrates the basic operation of the 'trolly car'.

Workshop Looking Great

The workshop repaint continues at a cracking pace. The floor has been painted. the doors repaired and repainted. It's come up a treat. A big than you to Wayne Jackson who has lead this project and to Marta and Ziggy for helping out applying the paint.

Hats a plenty

After a number of delays. Arnold has been able to organise sample caps and bucket hats embroided with the club logo. At the recent club meeting it was decided to obtain 10 of each type from Totally Workwear Mildura for sale to members. The caps and hats are being sponsored by Dimboola Stockfeed, a fine small business and great supporter of the club. I'm sorry we don't have a photo to display here in 'The Fly Paper'. More details of what they look like and how much they will cost will be available soon.

New Long sleeve & Short Sleeve Polos

The club has a new range of short sleeve and long sleeved polo tops available which have the the club monogram embroided on to the shirt (along with your name if you wish). The two in the picture above are the samples that Arnold had made recently during a trip to Mildura. The colours available are white (pictured) and navy blue. Each shirt would cost about $30. These shirts have a high UPF rating for sun protection. The avaiable sizes for men are S, M. L, XL, XXL, 3XL and 5 XL. The sizes for women are 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and 22.

There is a order list attached to the shirts in the clubroom. Choose the style, colour and size and what name you want embroided below the club logo.