Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pegase back in the air

This contribution to the Fly Paper is from Marta's blog. Thanks for your contribution Marta, even if I just copied it across from your blog to the club's.
Finally ... we got one more bird in the air today. After few weeks in the workshop Pegase was fit enough to hit the air. Selwyn did the complete rewiring and installed the new radio as well as CAI 303. The instrument panel isn't beautiful as yet and there are still some cosmetics to be done but at least it's serviceable. I completed the Form 2 inspection together with the corresponding paperwork and declared the aircraft airworthy - how cool does that sound, huh?
The 302 still has the turn point database from Poland. As soon as we started it up my name appeared on the screen and the "go to" point: Leszno. Well, it's gonna be a long flight starting well below final glide to destination. Arnold did the first flight and complained that the unit was beeping at him all the time. I think the gadget was just trying to say: "mate, you're not seriously trying to head for Leszno, are ya?"
a serious clean for the seat pan

last detailed inspections before rigging and a good wash
all nice and shiny ready to go on 17

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to our new members

Over the last couple of month we have had some new members join the club. So the next time your out at the club and you run into someone you're not familiar with; introduce yourself. It might be Bernie Sizer, Adam Howell or Simon Beelitz. So please make them welcome.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Much progress re-painting the clubrooms

Work on re-painting the clubroom's is progressing fast.The main room is already painted, Pete's cave is waiting ready for the first coat and we're waiting for Max to reinforce the bar wall so that we can patch the holes and pain it as well. New counter tops and window blinds are also on the way and so is the carpet.

There is still a long way to go but the difference is already hard to believe and the room magically started to attract more and more visitors every evening...

It's already looking much brighter. Thank you to Marta for the photos 

Monday, November 05, 2012

PW Unavailable for flight training

Peter Weissenfeld (PW) is currently unable to provide flight training in gliders or RAA aircraft. Please contact Marta Najfeld on 0459 124 596 in relation to gliding and Mark Griffin on 0427 887 311 in relation to RAA matters. Peter will let us know when he is able to return to duty.

Jabiru J120 Out of Service

The Jabiru J120 is currently out of service after a major engine failure and forced landing near Kalkee last week. There was damage to the engine, propeller and the nose wheel. Repairs are being organized and we will let the membership know when the Jab is returned to service.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Air Con for the workshop

The new air conditioner for the workshop has arrived and preparations are underway to sort out the power supply and install the new unit. So lots of little jobs are underway at the moment. So come the Coaching Week and Horsham Week the Workshop/Ops Room will be the cool place to be.

Making the club rooms pretty

Well after many long years the inside of the clubrooms are getting a bit of a spruce up. The room has been cleared, the walls cleaned and Mike and Griffo did some cleaning up. Which means a bit of stuff got thrown out.

 Wayne will be filling holes and preparing for painting on Melbourne Cup Day. Painting will take place soon. So on your next visit the clubrooms will be nice and off whitish.

November Club Meeting

The November club meeting will be held at the clubrooms on Saturday 10th November at 7.30pm. There is a meal beforehand from 6.30pm. Contact Lorelle with numbers on 03 5382 3833 or 0487 609 184. Apologies and any business to Steve Schneider on 0427 315 845