Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy farmers and a not so happy PW

For the last week or so the weather at Horsham has been pretty crook. Good for the farming community, but not so good for PW. A number of students have had to have their lessons canceled due to rain or high winds. PW needs his students flying so he can a fund his up coming trip to Darwin in early August.

A Jabiru engine being worked on

Who would think, a Jabiru engine being worked on. Well really just a check of the electrical systems to make sure the generator is up to speed and putting out a good charge. And it is.

Starting the 230

Recently we have had some issues starting the 230. But after a lot of work by Phil and some helpful advice and guidance from Cliff Banks the Old Girl is starting first go. President Arnold would like to thank Phil for all his efforts.

Oil for the Jabiru's

Just remainder about oil to use in the two Jabiru's. The 230 uses mineral oil and the 120 W100 plus. These are two different oils. So use the oils that are stored behind the seats in each aircraft.

Maintenance form and landings

Following on from an RAA ops inspection a number of record keeping requirements were recommended. We now have a maintainable sheet to record any major or minor defects with the Jabiru's. We are also required to record the number of landings each aircraft do. For further information get in touch with Peter Weissenfeld.

The new Horsham tug

Here's a photo of the "new" prop of Ziggy's Pacer. Hopefully it will tow better than the old prop. The revs might be a bit higher. So go easy on the throttle Marta.