Thursday, August 30, 2007

J230 Landing At Colefield

Click on the play button of the video viewer to watch a short video of the club's new Jabiru J230-D 24-5109 landing at Colefield, Dadswells Bridge on Saturday 18th August 2007. Steve Schneider makes his first landing in the 5109 under the guidance of Peter Weissenfeld. And a very nice landing it is too.

J230 Take Off at Horsham

Click the play button of the video viewer to watch a short video of the club's new Jabiru J230-D 24-5109 take off at Horsham Aerodrome on Saturday 25th August. Wayne Jackson is the pilot in command.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Annual General Meeting

The AGM has been set for Saturday 8th September at the Clubrooms. The meeting will begin at 7.00pm. Members who wish to vote by proxy at the meeting will need to lodge a proxy notice by mail to P.O. Box 158, Horsham, 3402 by Friday 7th.

Photos of New Jabiru & Annual Dinner

Some photo taken during the Great Jabiru Expedition have been added to the club's photo gallery as well as some photos taken at the club's Annual Dinner & Awards Night. You can view the the photo gallery via the link on the club's web page or just click on the link below and you will be taken to the gallery.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hours Building Up on J230

The new Jabiru is going well. As of late today the J230 has flown over 28 hours. The first oil change is due at 30 hours and then we can start our first aerotowing trials. So its possible that our first tow made be made next weekend.

Max Hedt has been volunteered to fly the Twin Astir and most likely Mark griffin or Peter Weissenfeld will fly the Jab. So club history may be made next weekend. So come out on Saturday and be part of this big event. Then again if it doesn't happen you can go for a fly in '5109' and help run her in a bit more before we do start towing with her.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy 50th Phil

Phil Colquhoun celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday evening with a get together at Dimboola. Many of his friends and family attended, along with a number of club members. We learn't a bit more about our Phil during the evening. Things like a new nick name to us, 'Shifty Links'. So Phil what is the price of eight kettles?

Congratulations Phil. Now that the birthday is out of the road its on to finishing off his Jabiru and its first test flight.

Leanne Goes Solo

Leanne McCulloch-Ball went solo in the Little Jabiru on Saturday morning. Leanne had had a very successful flight with PW on Friday afternoon. Leanne had one of those flights were everything just clicks. Leanne was offered a solo flight, but as it was late in the afternoon she left it to the following day. Well done Leanne.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy Weekend For New Jabiru

It was a busy first weekend for the club's new Jabiru J230. Many members got their first look at 5109 and others took up the opportunity of their first flight with PW providing them with a guiding hand. PW and Mike H flew down to Dadswells Bridge on Saturday to show off our new baby to the 'GCV' crew. Everyone who has flown her made positive comments about her performance and handling.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Annual Dinner & Awards Night

The clubs annual dinner and awards night was held at the Capitol Restaurant Horsham on Saturday evening. About 30 members and their guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food, good wine and good fellowship.

President Michael Sudholz presented a number of awards during the evening. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Max Hedt for his work in organizing the Jabiru purchase, Phil Colquhoun for his commitment to aircraft maintenance and Lorelle Esmore for her continuing efforts throughout the year, particularly during Horsham Week. Wayne Jackson received the 2007 'Frequent Flyer Award'. Peter Weissenfeld, Alan Dickerson, Michael Hogan and Michael Sudholz all received 'You Did It' awards for their trip to Bunderberg and return to pick up the new Jabiru. each was also presented with a certificate and an embroidered cap to remember the trip. Michael Sudholz also received a 'You Did It' award for dropping Michael Hogan camera out of the plane and leaving it behind at Horsham at the beginning of the Bundy trip.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Our New Little Baby

Here she is, the club's new Jabiru J230-D.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 6

Another early start for the run home. The leg from Narromine to Griffith took about an hour and three quarters and the three aircraft arrived at Griffith for refelling under clear blue skies. The crew welcomed a cup of coffee at the aero club. Unfortunately the cream biscuits had a few ants crawling over them. So not much lunch today.

The second last leg for the day was to Swan Hill to show Cliff banks our new toy. After another short 90 minute leg to Swan Hill, Cliff got a chance to have a fly in the 230 and another cup of coffee for the crew. The party left at about 4.30pm to complete the last leg of the day from Swan Hill to Horsham and arrived an hour later to be greeted by Max Hedt and Doug Brooke. Mike Hogan was quickly bundled out of the new Jabiru and replaced by Max for a quick flight with PW. Then back to the hangar to put all the planes to bed and a final beer to celebrate the successful delivery of the new Jabiru J230D.

All told there were over 20 flight hours in the club's and Alan's little Jabiru's. About 10 hours in the new club Jabiru. The refelling stops on the way up to Bundaberg were at Horsham, Griffith, Narromine, Moree and Dalby. The outward track was a distance of 891 nautical miles. On the way back from Bundaberg fuel was taken on at Bundaberg, Dalby, Morree, Narromine and Griffith. The return leg included the diversion to Swan Hill and involved a total distance of 896 nautical miles. The round trip was 1767 nautical miles. It was a great trip, as I've already said. Someone had to do it. And Al, Peter, Mike and Mike were the lucky ones who got to do it. So come out to the aerodrome and let Peter introduce you to our new baby. She's so cute. Even if she has got big ears at the front. But all parents think their children are beautiful no matter what anyone else says.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 5

It's the big day. Time to head for home. Up very early because of uncertainty about the weather on track. But just like the air force its hurry up and wait. Firstly we got to the factory before anyone else so we had to wait around for the staff to arrive. Then a wait for some minor work to be done on the door lock on the passenger side of the plane. Then of course there was the call from the motel to let Mike Hogan know he'd left some things behind in the room. So a quick trip back to the motel and back to the factory. Jamie from Jabiru obtained the area forecasts and everyone sat down to plan the trip from Bundaberg to Narromine. Time was starting to drag an early departure time was looking doubtful.

Eventually PW and Mike Hogan were able to get the J230 out of the hangar and taxied around to the fuel bowser to fill up. Mean while Alan and Mike Sudholz prepared the little Jabs and taxied around to refuel. So with the mornings delays the party was not able to get underway to our first stop at Dalby till almost 11.00am. After a flight of around an hour and a half the three aircraft arrived within minutes of each other at Dalby to refuel. PW and Mike were the last to leave after Mike counted to a hundred and shouted “coming ready or not”. Well he may have actually said it in his head. The stop for refelling at Dalby also involved the pilots refelling themselves with cold toasted sandwiches from the Bundaberg Airport terminal.

The second leg of the trip was from Dalby to Moree took about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The three aircraft again arrived within minutes of each other. This was a quick refelling stop as rain showers were approaching. By the time PW and Mike who were the last to leave the showers were moving across the track to Narromine. Only a few minutes out of Moree all three aircraft were out into the sunshine and on track to Narromine. After a flight of about two hours the three aircraft arrived at Narromine just on last light. The aircraft were tired down and Geoff from the Motel drove down to pick us up. Then after settling in at the motel it was off to the combined services club for a meal and a few drinks. Then back to motel to plan the next days flying to Griffith, Swan Hill and finally home to Horsham.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 4

Mike Hogan up bright and early for his morning walk and the search for a source of breakfast. The party returned to late from the sports club to put in a breakfast menus at the motel. The “Scottish Restaurant” was located just up the road and the whole party headed off for breakfast and the start of the hand over of the new Jab.

But not so fast. A problem had arisen early on in the trip as to a suitable photographic record. Mike Hogan suggested just the one digital camera would do the job and as his was smaller and lighter than Mike Sudholz's, we should take his. But unfortunately Mike S dropped Mike H's camera out the door of the club Jabiru just before takeoff for Griffith. Mike H thought it was only the case that was left behind and kept going for Griffith. The camera was found on the ground next to the refelling bowser at Horsham by helicopter pilot who landed as we took off. The camera was later retrieved by Max Hedt. Mike H finally realized that it was the camera and bag that was missing when he asked Mike S to take a photograph as the proceeded on track.

To bring this story back to Day Four, Alan decided to buy a digital camera for himself and most of the morning was spent at Harvey Norman next to the motel haggling and bartering over the price of a camera, case, charger and suitable batteries. The party finally got to the factory after 10.00am and were meet by Rod Stiff again and his 2IC Jamie who showed us around the factory and introduced us to our new baby; Jabiru J230-D, 25-5109.

What a wonderful plane, photo's were taken from all angles, hands were run over her fine lines, the seats tried out for size. Everyone was very impressed and the first jokes were made at her expense. The two mirrors needed for aerotowing stick out like a pair of large ears just behind the upper engine cowling. This arrangement of mirrors lead to Alan giving the 230 the nick name 'Prince Charles'. Although mike H suggested that with some streamlining added to the mirrors it could be called 'Madonna'.

While some issues with RA-Aus over the final paper work were ironed out by the Jabiru staff Al, PW and the two Mike's spent the remainder of the morning hunting up items on our extensive shopping list. There were things for the club, stuff for Doug Brooke and a few items for Alan as well.

At last the 230 was finally pushed out of the hangar and a flight briefing provided by Neil, one of Jabiru's test pilots. Neil gave us a good idea of what to expect from the aircraft and then he and PW went out to do a familiarization flight. PW had an excellent first flight, but he did need cushions in order to see clearly over the instrument panel. So a quick trip was made to a near by Big W stored to by cushions. Unfortunately a second trip had to be made for extra cushions and there was not enough time to have any more flights. Again the evening was spent at 'Brothers'. Another filling meal and some more beers and another local beverage nightcap saw the end of Day Four.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 3

Day three of the expedition, but actually the second flying day. Geoff from the motel obtained the aviation weather for the party and delivered the four crew to the aerodrome. Alan's Jabiru had trouble starting after a cold night and a layer of ice had to be cleaned off the wings before we could get going. The track for today was Moree, then Dalby and finally on to Bundaberg. Fuel was taken on at the first two stops. The party left Narromine at around 10.00am and arrived at Bundaberg around 4.10pm. Between Narromine and Moree there was a lot of scrubby country and we appreciated Cliff Banks advice to divert via Galargambone. Another long day with around five hours spent in the air. Dalby to Bundaberg was the last part of our crossing of the Great Dividing Range. PW and Alan went over at around 5500 feet and Mike and Mike between 4500 and 5500.

The weather was perfect for the crossing, although there was quite a bit of smoke haze. Both Jabiru's performed very well. Rod Stiff from Jabiru picked us up from the tie down area and delivered everyone to our motel near the airport. This was our first introduction to the fabulous hospitality of the Jabiru Company. After settling into our rooms, the intrepid party headed over the road to the 'Brothers' Sports Club for a beer or several and a Chinese banquette. After a very enjoyable meal the party retired to the motel for some more of Alan's stories and a nightcap of a beverage distilled by a well known local business. Although PW was shocked to find that the variety mixed with a famous American cola actually comes from Sydney.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 2

An early start was planned with everyone arriving at the aerodrome at 8am. A low fog was over the aerodrome and burnt off enough to depart about 10.00am. The first leg was to Griffith. Mike Hogan and Mike Sudholoz were in the club Jabiru 55-0933, with PW and Alan were in Alan's Jabiru 55-1909. Peter would be couching Alan through the dual portion of his RA-Aus cross country endorsement. The flight time to Griffith was a bit over two hours and both planes arrived within a minute of each other. After refueling the planes the intrepid crew retired to the Griffith Aero Club to refuel themselves with sandwiches and cups of coffee. There was time to chat to the Griffith Aero Club President about all matters aviation.

The second leg for the day was to Narromine and was again completed in just on two hours. Narromine was planned as the first over night stop for the expedition. The little Jabs were refueled and the crew decided that a beer or several would be just the ticket to finish the day. About five hours were spent in the air today. It just so happens that Sunday night is BBQ night at the Narromine Gliding Club. Our intrepid party spent a pleasant evening outside on the club veranda, lovely steak and salads and a few more beers. Then back to the motel to shoot the breeze over a coffee and a brief discussion on the plan for the Monday. Then off to bed for a good nights sleep.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New Member - Welcome Brett Young

The club welcomes a new member this month. Brett Young has joined the club. Brett is an RA-Aus pilot and has already taken to the skies with PW in the new 230. Welcome to the club Brett. Please make yourself known to Brett when you're next at the club.

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 1

Showers of rain and strong winds all day. A 10.00am start was planned for everyone, Peter Weissenfeld and Mike Hogan arrived almost on time. They both looked out the window as all good weather forecasters do and agreed things didn't look to good. Both spent some time reviewing the Area Forecasts covering the planned first day. Mike Sudholz didn't arrive fore almost another hour. Alan Dickerson was excused an early arrival due to the passing showers and low cloud ceiling. Alan did have to fly in from the other side of Mt Arapalies and eventually appeared between rain showers at the aerodrome. Finally everyone was on deck at the club and with winds of over 35 knots on track to Griffith and Narromine and continual passing showers at Horsham all agreed that the departure be delayed until the following day. So Saturday became a "Make and Mend" day. The club Jabiru was cleaned up by Max Hedt and the seals around the doors were replaced and everything made ready for the Sunday departure.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Off To Get The New Jabiru

It's all systems go for the expedition to pick up the new Jabiru J230 from the factory. Two planes and four crew are going. Alan Dickerson and PW will be taking Alan's Jabiru, while Michael H and Michael S are taking the club's Jabiru. The party will set off on Saturday, subject to the weather of course. The plan is to reach Narromine on Saturday and then on to Bundaberg on Sunday. We can pick up the new plane on Monday and head home on Tuesday, again subject to the weather. If all goes well we will be home on Wednesday evening. So stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Next Dadswell Bridge Weekend

The next Dadswells Bridge flying weekend will be on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th August. Benalla's Pawnee will be providing the towing duties. The Twin Astir will be ferried to Colefield for the weekend. The Briggs Bluff area is a great one to flying around. Depending on the winds there may be ridge lift and of course the ever allusive 'Wave'. So keep the 18th and 19th free for some really interesting flying opportunities.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Annual Dinner and Awards Night

The club's Annual Dinner will be held on Saturday 18th August at the Capital Comfort Motel, Firebrace Street, Horsham (This is the old Commodore, over the road from the swimming pool). There will be no set price menu, so you and your guests will be able to order what you wish from the evenings menu. RSVP for the dinner to Michael Sudholz on 0417 585 747. Pre-dinner drinks will be from 7.00 PM. So its 7 for 7.30. The night is open to all members, their partners and friends of the club. As usual we will be inviting the Dadswells Gang to join us.