Monday, April 23, 2007

Birchip Fly-In A Success

The Birchip Sports Aero Club held its first fly-in at Birchip aerodrome on Sunday 22nd of April. About 15 aircraft were in attendance, which was a very good turn up. As was to be expect the BBQ was up to the usual standard of Victorian country hospitality. The club's Jabiru and Alan Dickerson's Jabiru were the club's two flying representatives. All told a good day was had by all who attended, so keep Birchip in mind when they have their next flying event.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Ivan Passes His Final test

Ivan Jackson has passed another milestone in his aviation adventure. Peter Weissenfeld reported today that Ivan has completed all the requirements to be awarded his unrestricted RAAus Pilots Certificate. Ivan completed his final solo navigation flight today. The flight from Horsham to Boort, then Hopetoun and back to Horsham was flown successfully with one just the one short stop off at Hopetoun. Well done Ivan. Ivan is pictured with PW before one of his earlier flights in the club's Jabiru.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Photo Archive Project

Do you have any old photos from the clubs past. I am starting a project to digitize any photographs that can help tell the history of the Horsham Flying Club in its current form and its past incarnations as the Wimmera Soaring Club and the Wimmera Sport Aircraft Association. It is my goal to scan good quality photographs to provide a lasting visual record of our history.

So I'm after photographs of people, events, aircraft and the places that have figured in the club's history. If you have photos to share please bundle them up carefully and put them in the office at the club for me to collect. I will take good care of them. It would also be helpful to have some short notes to identify the photo, what it's of and who is in it.

My end goal is to be able to produce a pictorial record of the club and its people. This may be in the form of a slide show on a disc or maybe even an short documentary. Anything is possible, but nothing is possible if we don't have the images to go along with the story. Here is an example.
Who knows what this photo is about? Who is it it? When did it take place? Why are they pushing a glider sideways up the road? How did they do that? There is story here to be told and the archive project will try to tell these stories. I actually know a fair bit about this 'event' in
the club's history. It was not your normal outlanding retrieve.

So there must be more photographs out there, please pass them on so they can be preserved. The can be prints, slides or negatives. I am also interested in old Super 8 film, VHS and DVD video.

Also part of this project will be the recording interviews with members past and present to provide a and audio visual record of the club. So to contribute to the club's archive contact Michael Hogan by telephone on 5025 8997 or 0409 028 895.