Saturday, June 23, 2007

We've Got A Street Address At Last!

After more than 44 years of telling people the club is at Geodetic Road Horsham we now have an actual street number. We are located at 288 Geodetic Road. This corresponds (so Max Hedt tells me) to the club being 2880 metres from the beginning of Geodetic Road. We assume that the beginning is at the railway crossing. We even have one of those 'bendy' road side markers to indicate were '288' is and its right next to the entrance to our the car park. It also could mean that 288 Geodetic Road is the aerodrome and not us. That could make us 288A, B, C or some other letter corresponding to the buildings on the aerodrome. But let's just say its us. So now its; Horsham Flying Club, Horsham Aerodrome, 288 Geodetic Road, Horsham.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gary Receives His Pilots Certificate

Gary Allbut has received his full RAAus Pilots Certificate. His next aim is with a little more practice to be endorsed on the club Jabiru. He has already had a number of flights with PW. Gary and partner Viv already flown over 20 hours in a 'Sportstar' on "the Great Air rally" and on a trip to "Natfly" at Narromine. So Gary and Viv have now well and truly passed to the "Dark Side" (U/Ls). Well done Gary and congratulations from all at the Horsham Flying Club.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Mark & Max Bid Farewell to TOJ

With a last crackle of the Lycoming's exhaust and after 22 years of faithful service punching holes in the skies over Horsham, our faithful old Pawnee, Tango Oscar Juliet lifted off from the main runway at 0803 hrs Monday 4th June 2007, bound for Queensland where it will become the glider tug for the 2 Wing School of Aviation of the Australian Air Force Cadets.

The departure was witnessed by a cold Mark Griffin and myself. Mark was definitely displaying a very nostalgic streak and I am sure there was a small tear in his eye as we watched it disappear shortly after lift off behind a small bank of fog, bound for the first stop at Swan Hill. At 0805 heavy fog rolled into the aerodrome from the west. So ends an era.

Submitted by Max Hedt.

Editors Note: Max thought it was the last of TOJ, but she came back a little while later. (Just like a naughty school boy pleading not to be sent to the principals office.) But it was only because of the fog that she returned and later in the morning TOJ finally slipped over the horizon on her trip to Queensland and her new life.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

TOJ Makes Her Last Flights For The HFC

On Saturday 2nd of June the club's faithful tug TOJ completed her final aerotows for the Horsham Flying Club. The old girl had at least four launches. Peter Weissenfeld flew the last launch with Max Hedt and Michael Sudholz hanging on behind in the Twin Astir. Earlier in the day PW flew some check flights with Michael in IUM and then Michael flew the last solo launch behind TOJ.