Thursday, October 20, 2016

8th Series Sailplane Grand Prix – Horsham Australia 14-22 December 2016

The first event in the 8th Series of the Sailplane Grand Prix will take place at Horsham in Victoria,

This event will be held in the leadup to the 34 th World Gliding Championships at Benalla, and will be an ideal opportunity for top Australian and overseas pilots to get some serious competition before the Worlds.

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Competition Direstor Tim Shirley said, "This will be the first time that the Australian Sailplane GP has come to Victoria, and we are looking forward to it as a lead-up to the World Gliding Championships at Benalla the following month. We are expecting a high quality field of Australian and overseas competitors. Horsham is a fantastic place for gliding, with good weather, no airspace restrictions and an excellent airfield and local community. "

Horsham is located in Western Victoria about halfway between the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide. The area is well known for strong thermal conditions at that time of the year, and pilots can expect some booming conditions in temperatures that regularly exceed 35C. Oxygen systems are strongly recommended as heights of over 12,000ft are not uncommon.

There are very few restrictions on airspace, and it is possible to set tasks in almost any direction from the airfield.The countryside around Horsham is mostly open farmland, with some areas of natural vegetation. There is a range of hills to the South of Horsham (the Grampians) which rise to about 3,000ft, and when weather permits we will make use of this feature.

Horsham is a town of approximately 15,000 people and has a wide range of accommodation options, shops and other businesses. The airfield is located about 5km northwest of the town, where the Horsham Flying Club (formerly the Wimmera Soaring Club) has operated for over 50 years. The airfield has two bitumen runways at right angles, with grassed glider runways adjacent. The airfield elevation is 440ft AMSL, and apart from the Grampians range the task area does not vary much in altitude.

Facilities on the airfield are excellent with an air-conditioned clubhouse and bar, and a purpose built briefing room. Accommodation on the airfield itself is limited however, and we recommend that pilots seek lodging in Horsham itself.

The Organising Committee and the town of Horsham looks forward to welcoming competitors and visitors to the Australian Sailplane Grand Prix in December 2016.