Saturday, November 05, 2011

Getting ready for the season ahead

Marta is looking forward to getting some time in the Pegase prior the competition season ahead. Marta is taking The Pegase to Ararat in December for the VSA State Comp. Marta will be flying a Discus in Benalla at the Sports Class Nationals.

Pegase ready to go

The club's Pegase has come back from it's Form 2 at Ballarat. Marta has been preparing HDJ for the up coming soaring season. Tomorrow is the big day when she flies The Pegase for the first time.

J120 & J230 Service Completed

The 25 hour service and oil change was completed on the 120 & 230 today. Thanks to Phil for about 4 hours solid work. Thanks to the other Helpers as well. The two aircraft are ready for next weekends Come n Try day.