Saturday, October 22, 2011

17 / 35 Open for business

The new North South runway (17 / 35) has finally opened for business. The official opening took place on Thursday 20th October.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Joe Luciani presented with J.R (Bob) Muller Award by the GFA

Joe Luciani has been award the J.R. (Bob) Muller Award by the GFA for his contribution to the promotion of gliding. Joe is a long time member of the Horsham Flying Club and the founding President of the Ballarat Gliding Club. Now some background on the award.

Bob Muller was one of the founders of G.F.A. in 1949 and was the founder of 'Australian Gliding' magazine in December 1951. His contributions to the sport are too numerous to cover here. Bob's career was in journalism and Public Relations, so it was fitting that when the Australian Gliding Committee decided to inaugurate an award to his memory they should choose 'Promotion of Gliding'. The J.R.MULLER AWARD is presented annually in recognition of the most outstanding contribution in the promotion of gliding in Australia .The object of the award is to increase public awareness of gliding and to encourage clubs, associations and individuals to increase gliding publicity within their specific areas of influence. The award may be presented to individuals (not necessarily GFA members), clubs, state associations, media and organisations.

So congratulations to Joe for all his friends at Horsham.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

New Member

The club at it's October meeting welcomed Chris Griffin (No relation
to Mark Griffin) as a new member. Chris comes from Mt Gambier and is
joining us to fly our gliders. Chris has previous experience of mountain
flying in New Zealand. When you meet Chris for the first time please
make him welcome.