Monday, October 16, 2006

New Arrival for Doug, Kendrell & Bevan

Doug and Kendrell Brooke are pleased to announce the birth of their son Roland Hart Brooke. Roland was born with his cord wrapped around his neck and body. Initially he wasn't breathing and had a very low heart rate 30bpm. After a little CPR and with the assistance of a breathing tube he quickly came back to life and now everything is ok. A range of tests were performed and the results are all fine. No damaged was done, which is really good. Doug was a bit jealous that Roland got to have a fly before the Jabiru was finished . I guess Roland wanted to have a go in a turbine engine aircraft (the air ambulance) as his first flying experience at only 5 hours old. Doug, Kendrell and older brother Bevan are pleased as punch with the new arrival to their family.

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