Saturday, August 18, 2007

Annual Dinner & Awards Night

The clubs annual dinner and awards night was held at the Capitol Restaurant Horsham on Saturday evening. About 30 members and their guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of good food, good wine and good fellowship.

President Michael Sudholz presented a number of awards during the evening. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Max Hedt for his work in organizing the Jabiru purchase, Phil Colquhoun for his commitment to aircraft maintenance and Lorelle Esmore for her continuing efforts throughout the year, particularly during Horsham Week. Wayne Jackson received the 2007 'Frequent Flyer Award'. Peter Weissenfeld, Alan Dickerson, Michael Hogan and Michael Sudholz all received 'You Did It' awards for their trip to Bunderberg and return to pick up the new Jabiru. each was also presented with a certificate and an embroidered cap to remember the trip. Michael Sudholz also received a 'You Did It' award for dropping Michael Hogan camera out of the plane and leaving it behind at Horsham at the beginning of the Bundy trip.

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