Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 1

Showers of rain and strong winds all day. A 10.00am start was planned for everyone, Peter Weissenfeld and Mike Hogan arrived almost on time. They both looked out the window as all good weather forecasters do and agreed things didn't look to good. Both spent some time reviewing the Area Forecasts covering the planned first day. Mike Sudholz didn't arrive fore almost another hour. Alan Dickerson was excused an early arrival due to the passing showers and low cloud ceiling. Alan did have to fly in from the other side of Mt Arapalies and eventually appeared between rain showers at the aerodrome. Finally everyone was on deck at the club and with winds of over 35 knots on track to Griffith and Narromine and continual passing showers at Horsham all agreed that the departure be delayed until the following day. So Saturday became a "Make and Mend" day. The club Jabiru was cleaned up by Max Hedt and the seals around the doors were replaced and everything made ready for the Sunday departure.

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