Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 6

Another early start for the run home. The leg from Narromine to Griffith took about an hour and three quarters and the three aircraft arrived at Griffith for refelling under clear blue skies. The crew welcomed a cup of coffee at the aero club. Unfortunately the cream biscuits had a few ants crawling over them. So not much lunch today.

The second last leg for the day was to Swan Hill to show Cliff banks our new toy. After another short 90 minute leg to Swan Hill, Cliff got a chance to have a fly in the 230 and another cup of coffee for the crew. The party left at about 4.30pm to complete the last leg of the day from Swan Hill to Horsham and arrived an hour later to be greeted by Max Hedt and Doug Brooke. Mike Hogan was quickly bundled out of the new Jabiru and replaced by Max for a quick flight with PW. Then back to the hangar to put all the planes to bed and a final beer to celebrate the successful delivery of the new Jabiru J230D.

All told there were over 20 flight hours in the club's and Alan's little Jabiru's. About 10 hours in the new club Jabiru. The refelling stops on the way up to Bundaberg were at Horsham, Griffith, Narromine, Moree and Dalby. The outward track was a distance of 891 nautical miles. On the way back from Bundaberg fuel was taken on at Bundaberg, Dalby, Morree, Narromine and Griffith. The return leg included the diversion to Swan Hill and involved a total distance of 896 nautical miles. The round trip was 1767 nautical miles. It was a great trip, as I've already said. Someone had to do it. And Al, Peter, Mike and Mike were the lucky ones who got to do it. So come out to the aerodrome and let Peter introduce you to our new baby. She's so cute. Even if she has got big ears at the front. But all parents think their children are beautiful no matter what anyone else says.

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