Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jabiru 55-0933 'FOR SALE'

At the January club meeting the decision was made to place the club's 'little' Jabiru 55-0933 on the market for sale at $40,000 (inc GST).

The idea behind the sale is that if we can get our price, we will put in an order for a new J120 which is very basic Jabiru, similar to '0933' in its layout and equipment. But at $58,000 including GST or about $53,000 to the Club (after our GST refund) we would have a brand new, nil time aircraft, at a value that will be very hard to beat.

There simply is nothing else on the market at this price along the lines of a small conventional light sport aircraft. The J120 has brought the price of all the second hand Jabs and a lot of other aircraft down already so we are trying to move before the prices come down any further. So if you are interested or know someone who might be interested give Phil Colquhuon a ring on 03 5389 1541.

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