Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Special Meeting

The club held the Special General Meeting to vote on the two resolutions concerning the change over from the jurisdiction of ASIC to Consumer Affairs Victoria on Saturday 8th March at 8.00pm. Fourteen members were present at the meeting. The mail out of proxy forms proved very successful with 33 out of the possible 37 proxies returned and all in favor of the two resolutions. The special meeting was opened at 8:09 PM and closed at 8:18 PM, a total of 9 minutes from start to finish.

So all the paper work was completed and sent off just before Easter to ASIC and CAV. Mike Hogan received a very positive phone call about the application from ASIC and some advice about some follow up issues. Mark has since sent off the requested information. Consumer Affairs Victoria approved our application and the club became incorporated under Victorian law on the 19th of March. Unfortunately the certificate of incorporation didn’t arrive at the club’s Public officer’s house (Mike Hogan’s place) until after the Easter break. So the final piece of paperwork went off to ASIC earlier this week. So now we wait.

The whole process has gone very smoothly, apart from one slight hiccup with the return of our 2006/2007 financial report to ASIC. But that’s been fixed. So as I said now we wait for word from ASIC.

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