Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dadswells Weekend Washed Away Almost

The long weekend has come and gone. The first Dadswells Bridge flying weekend was a bit quiet. There were about six gliders from Benalla and our trusty Twin Astir. Peter Kelly and Michael Hogan ferried the twin to Colefield on the Saturday. The omens were not good from the start. During the DI Peter discovered that the front tyre was flat and that the valve extension didn't fit anymore. Much doom and gloom as the resident expert (Mike) stood around watching while PK craw around in the dirt trying to fix things. Gary Albutt was getting inpatient to leave in the Benalla Scout.

Finally a new tube was found, fitted and away the intrepid party went. PK and Mike had a nice trip to the Grampians, but with little wind the ridge wasn't working and they gently floated back to earth at Colefield.

Sunday was no better. The Benalla crew took some launches, but the Twin stayed on the ground. PW and Mike Hogan flew down in the J120 to say hello and check things out. Peter Kelly had developed a cold and drove back to Melbourne. Max Hedt was forecasting rain for Monday and there was some discussion about bring the Twin home. But the Benalla crew was having a nice time, so the Twin and the Scout stayed.

That night it started raining and it didn't stop. Mt William had over 31mm. So, no flying at all Monday and the Scout and the Twin stayed at Colefield until there was a short break in the weather on Thursday 12th when they were brought back to Horsham.

So everyone is now looking forward to the July 12th & 13th when the wind will blow, the ridge will be working and the 'wave' will be going. It won't rain or be calm. It will be great.

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