Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Problems With The 'Master'

I thought only the 'Doctor' had problems with 'The Master', but it seems even mere mortals rather than 'Time Lords' can have these problems. Alright enough with 'Doctor Who'. We have had a few incidents, (well actually four) where the master switch has been left on in both the J120 and J230. Two for each aircraft. The members responsible or should I say irresponsible have had a good ticking off from the CFI and the Treasurer and promise to be more careful in future. The greatest harm done were a few flat batteries (which were quickly re-charged) and some wounded pride. But it is a good reminder to all pilots to check the switches one final time as you get out of the aircraft and or note down the time on the hour meter before shutting down and then record it in the log.

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