Friday, November 26, 2010

New Members

We have three new members that have joined over last couple of months.

Jim Ridler who spreads his time between farmering out the other side of Mount Arapalies and working at the mines up near Ouyen. Jim is currently about five hours in to his RAA training with PW.

Roslyn Skinner is a Dentist at the Base Hospital in Horsham, who has joined us to do a bit of gliding. Roslyn has her own powered aircraft, a retractable Tecnam which she flew out from New Zealand.

Marta Najfeld who is Doctor Ziggy's partner and has just returned from Europe. Marta can do just about everything. Gliding Instructing, Commercial Pilot and another tug pilot.

So with a few extra keen glider pilots lets hope that this summer we have a great soaring season.

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