Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Congratulations Marta

As good Australians we will claim anyone who is successful on the world stage as one of our own.  So well done to Marta Najfeld who took out fourth place in club class at the recent woman's world gliding championships. Even though Marta was representing Poland, we know deep down she was really doing it for Horsham.

Now seriously, great job Marta. Club class flew five days out of the possible ten. Marta placed; third on day 1, eighteenth on day 2, fourth on day 3, sixth on day 4 and first on day 5.So a splendid effort all round.

So Marta we now claim you as our latest international representative. Our very own "Aussie Pole". And good on you Ziggy for your support for Marta.

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