Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy New Year and best wishes to you all

Planning for this year's 50th Horsham Week is well in hand with adequate tugs available and entries starting to roll in.

Event Fees
Fees have not been increased and will be :
  • Entry Fee $ 100 which includes the $ 50 facility fee from the Horsham Club.
  • Aerotows $ 50 and relights $ 30.
We have two Pawnees from Bacchus Marsh, Jim Barton's Callair, Mike Cleaver's Scout as well as a EuroFox from Bendigo GC and Horsham's Jabiru. Tug master is Selwyn Ellis, Horsham Club.

Rotating Beacons
A reminder that all vehicles must operate a flashing hazard beacon when on the airfield.
Note that some of the older and cheaper mechanical rotating lights can seriously interfere with hand held VHF radios as you are towing out. There is now a range of solid state LED lights available which do not cause interference and can be obtained on eBay for under $ 40. Try key words such as 80 LED Car Truck flash Warning light Beacon Strobe Light Emergency Light Amber.

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