Monday, May 17, 2021

More memories of Laurie Bunnik

A reminder from a number of years ago that Laurie Bunnik, who passed away last week had many interests. This is a short item from the club's newsletter in April 2006.
Laurie's Daimler Wins Major Award
Laurie Bunnik passed through Horsham on Good Friday on the way to the Biannual National Daimler Rally in Bendigo. Laurie has been working on his Daimler for many years now and came up trumps at the Rally winning two awards. Laurie and his pride and joy picked up the 'Presidents Trophy' and the 'New Zealand trophy' for the best presented Daimler. On Easter Monday Laurie again passed through Horsham on the way home to Casterton. He filled up on fuel and took PW and myself for a drive around the taxiway to the fuel bowsers to refuel.

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