Friday, June 09, 2006

Handy Hints of using AWIB / AWIS

This handy hint on how to access your local AWIS (Aerodrome Weather Information Service) in the air via your mobile phone comes from former member Daryl Hooke.

AWIS provides a facility for pilots to access real time meteorological observations from Automatic Weather Stations (AWS). The observations can be accessed via phone or, at selected locations only, via radio transmissions.

AWIS uses pre-recorded spoken words to broadcast the real time parameters collected by the AWS including wind, pressure, air temperature, dew point temperature and rainfall. At locations where ceilometer and vismeter sensors are available, the AWIS will report cloud amount and height and visibility.

It should be noted that AWIS are a fully automated system with no human input and thus the cloud and visibility observations should be treated with caution

AWIB/AWIS Phone numbers are found under MET. Information on many ERSA aerodrome pages. Particularly if using a CDMA mobile reception may be possible some distance from relevant aerodrome while in the air. The AWIS number for Horsha Aerodrome is 03 5381 0257.

Daryl's handy hit is to use the “Ted King” mobile connection ie. Use a simple hands-free wire (available at Strathfields $7.95). Place the earphone bud in your ear and place wire microphone in your headset ear cup. Leave your intercom on and you can use the boom mike to talk on mobile as well as being able listen to AWIS.

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