Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long road trip for Doug and Kendrell

Doug and Kendrell Brooke have recently picked up Doug's Jabiru kit from the factory. On the last weekend in May, Doug and Kendrell set off on the long journey to Bundaberg to pick up the box of tricks. Initially they planned to leave early on the Sunday morning, but after a problem with the cars alternator; it was back to bed. The second attempt to leave Horsham was made at 5.00 am Monday morning towing the Twin Astir trailer minus a few fittings. Well a lot of fittings, the tail gate and ramp were removed to improve fuel economy as well as the removal of the rotating things that normally hold the wings. After an over night stop they intrepid travelers reached Bundaberg at 3.00 pm Tuesday. After a quick look round the factory the boxs were tied down in the trailer, they had a bit of a rest (but not much).

They left for Horsham on the Wednesday and made it back to Horsham late on the Friday. Doug and Kendrell agree that the next time they go to Bunderberg it will be by air and now they have the beginning of the means to do it. So now we have another kit being built at Horsham. Well done Doug and Kendrell.

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