Friday, September 15, 2006

Had A Check Flight Lately?

A reminder to all pilots, both RAA (Jabiru) and GFA (gliders). If you have not flown within the last 90 days, then you are required to have a check before going solo again regardless of your experience. (In the past the WSC use to have a 30 day rule for these checks.) The club also requires all pilots to have an annual check flight.

Experienced pilots are very aware that if they have not flown for as little as a couple of weeks then that first couple of hundred feet in the climb out are needed before you really get right back on the ball again.

If you are suffering from a cold or slight illness or the remnants of a hang over then the judgment and reaction times are way off so get checked if in doubt and be careful. If you are flying the Club's Jabiru or gliders then you also have the responsibility to all of your fellow members to bring it back in one piece and in top condition.

Contact Peter Wiessenfeld to arrange a check flight in the Jabiru or the Twin Astir. Remember some members will require a check flight on both types.

This entry was submitted by Max Hedt.

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