Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jabiru J160 Proposal

It is proposed to bring a motion forward for discussion at the next club meeting (Saturday October 14th) to order a Jabiru J160 to replace our little Jab. If members are not aware, the J160 is the latest model of Jabiru and factory built version is certified for training. Our Jab would be put up for sale and we will be looking for around the $48 - $49000 mark inc GST, negotiable.

We will only part with it when we get the J160 providing of course that the club approves the move to the J160. So why a Jabiru? Why not something else?. Max hedt on the club's behalf has spent many recent hours going back through any and all the aircraft that would fit our requirements. Surprisingly there are not very many that are certified and that are not limited by the European 450 kg MTOW and stress requirements which is just too light for some of us fat bastards! Alternatively other suitable LSA's ie. Tecnams, are in the $110,000 on up price range which is totally out of our reach. A few east European types fit into our price range but their parts and repair and dealer situation are always going to be suspect.
Quite simply, Jabiru, in the Australian context, provides by far the biggest bang for the buck! We have one already and everyone likes it.

Details on the J160 are available at Jabiru's web site at Now to the price. Jabiru J160 basic, certified and RTF = $74,450 inc GST. Additional Options recommended by the President and assorted hanger ons; Adjustable rudder pedals (must have) = $250 Landing light (for aircraft visibility purposes) = $180 Strobe light (Again visibility) = $550. Total inc GST = $75,430 . As the HFC is registered for GST we can claim the GST. So the purchase price would be less GST = $68,570. With the sale of of 55-0933 for about $49,000 we would be up for about $200,000 from club funds.

If the order is placed by mid October then we would have a delivery spot for June 2007. The price is fixed when we place the order. A $1100 deposit is required with the order and a progress payment of $10,000 is required when the aircraft build is commenced, usually some 2 months before delivery. Prompt ordering is required as the delivery spots are filling up well into next year.

So come along to ther October meeting to have your say on this proposal.

This Blog entry was submitted by Max Hedt and any further queries should be direct to him.

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