Monday, September 25, 2006

Final Dadswells For The Year

The last flying weekend at Colefield was held from Thursday 21st till Sunday 24th September. On the Thursday Viv Drew ferried the Twin to Dadswells behind the Pawnee and had a couple of hours soaring after bunging off over the ridge at Briggs Bluff. Meanwhile Gary Allbut motored down to Colefield in the Janus and also had a couple of hours over the Grampians. A number of GCV pilots also had good soaring flights on the Thursday. Your reporter was not able to attend on the Friday, but about six aircraft were launched in very windy conditions. Meanwhile at Horsham the winds reached almost 50 knots at the aerodrome. Saturday was still windy, but a number of pilots launched and achieved some reasonable flights. With rain forecast for Sunday the Twin, Janus and Pawnee returned to Horsham later in the afternoon. Saturday nights BBQ at the Dadswells caravan park went off well and John Switala was presented with the trophy for the best climb for the year. Again I didn't get to Dadswells on Sunday and with no tow plane, the final day was a non event flying wise. So that was it for for the 2006 Dadswells wave and ridge flying season, maybe next year the wind will blow in the right direction and we will get better than 7000 foot climbs.

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