Sunday, October 01, 2006

First Winch Launch In 18 Years

Some 18 years ago on the 29th October 1988 Michael Hogan (HFC Vice-President) had his first and second flights in a glider launched by a winch. Back then the flights were made at Sunraysia Gliding Club (Mildura) in a Blanik as part of a club trip to Mildura. On Saturday 30th September 2006 Michael had his third winch launch. This time it was in an IS28 and again it was at the Sunraysia Gliding Club (Mike is also VP of the SGC, as well as the HFC). The flight went well and Mike and Keith Hill 'hung' around at about 1100 feet for around quarter of a hour before landing. Mike's comment was that the launch is still the closest thing to be launched off an Aircraft Carrier by a catapult. Well that's what he remembers from 18 years ago and his third launch re-confirmed that belief. Mike's other comment was that it was great and more people should try it as he will be.

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