Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Great Jabiru Expedition - Day 2

An early start was planned with everyone arriving at the aerodrome at 8am. A low fog was over the aerodrome and burnt off enough to depart about 10.00am. The first leg was to Griffith. Mike Hogan and Mike Sudholoz were in the club Jabiru 55-0933, with PW and Alan were in Alan's Jabiru 55-1909. Peter would be couching Alan through the dual portion of his RA-Aus cross country endorsement. The flight time to Griffith was a bit over two hours and both planes arrived within a minute of each other. After refueling the planes the intrepid crew retired to the Griffith Aero Club to refuel themselves with sandwiches and cups of coffee. There was time to chat to the Griffith Aero Club President about all matters aviation.

The second leg for the day was to Narromine and was again completed in just on two hours. Narromine was planned as the first over night stop for the expedition. The little Jabs were refueled and the crew decided that a beer or several would be just the ticket to finish the day. About five hours were spent in the air today. It just so happens that Sunday night is BBQ night at the Narromine Gliding Club. Our intrepid party spent a pleasant evening outside on the club veranda, lovely steak and salads and a few more beers. Then back to the motel to shoot the breeze over a coffee and a brief discussion on the plan for the Monday. Then off to bed for a good nights sleep.

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